5 August 2016


What is BizMusiq+?

BizMusiq+ styles spot-on background music programs for (retail) chains and brands. In addition we offer smart plug-ins for marketing, communication and brand identity professionals investigating effective ways to promote their products or services on a daily bases in business environments. Interested in our rights-included music offering? Please check out our BizMusiq page.

What does BizMusiq+ mean with custom music styling?

Offer spot-on music solutions while keeping all the variables in mind: multiple customer profiles throughout the days of the week, different needs and vibes in different spaces, manage operational costs for music licenses and/or equipment.

What is the difference between BizMusiq+ and Spotify?

BizMusiq+ is a professional background music service designed for commercial use. Spotify’s end user license agreement - in most countries around the world - does not allow commercial use.

Is paying for background music to collecting societies mandatory?

Are you playing popular hit-music in your store? Then you're required to pay (annual) fees to the collecting societies in your country. However, when playing BizMusiq’s rights-included music, your company does not have to pay the collection societies in most cases. Interested to learn more or receive detailed information about the legal status of our services in your country, please contact us.

Can we play different styles of music in different areas?

Yes, you can. During our meetings we will work out a detailed style profile for the different areas (zones) e.g. reception, showroom, store, offices, canteen, parking etc. In zones such as the showroom or public shopping area we can style a customer friendly ambiance with high end rights-included music. In other zones, for staff members only, we might suggest a popular public radio channel.

IT network requirement to operate the music service?

Over the years we have learned it’s easier to develop and deploy a solution based on the available infrastructure. So we welcome an in-depth conversation with your company’s IT or facility manager.

BizMusiq+ as a daily marketing, communication or training tool?

Your team at HQ can push any relevant content to the BizMusiq browser application in all your stores at once. More information can be found here.

My question is still unanswered. Now what?

Please contact us with your question.