How does it work?

1. Quality of music selections

Styling music programs for commercial environments is a profession. With decades of relevant music industry skills, our team will serve you spot-on music programs to create the perfect ambiance in your store(s).

2. No setup, ready to use

After subscribing to BizMusiq you will have instant access to our background music services. Listen to our music programs straight from your browser on your tablet, laptop, computer. Or add our music service to your favorite SONOS wireless HiFi system.

3. Let music work its magic

Choose one of the BizMusiq programs and click play. BizMusiq increases your in-store ambiance instantly with easy listening, accessible music. Smart scheduling will keep the sound fresh for your staff and customers.

Why BizMusiq?

First of all, rights-included music is not repertoire represented by national collecting societies
meaning so your company only pays for the BizMusiq subscription. In many cases a serious cost saver.

But that’s not all. With our spot-on music programs styled for retail chains and brands
we are setting a new standard in professional background music services for you and your customers.


BizMusiq is open for business in The Netherlands and expanding in Europe.
Do you like to know when we are launching in your region?