We offer monthly subscriptions starting as low as US$15 / 12 GBP per location and of course you will receive a discount if you subscribe for 12 months or longer.


  • Without BizMusiq you pay your annual fees to collecting societies, an additional fee to a background music provider and in many cases a monthly fee for leasing bespoke playout hardware (music computer, internetradio, etc.) Do you know the total sum per month / year?

  • With BizMusiq you pay a monthly fee for our service (~US15 / 12 GBP), your licenses with the collecting societies can be terminated* and any internet enabled (tablet) computer or Sonos device can play BizMusiq. No need to buy / lease hardware.

* Check with your national collecting societies. In many cases you can ask for a partial refund of your pre-paid licenses.



BizMusiq is rolling out internationally.
We are probably available in your country right now!