In the spotlight – Jeff Campbell

jeff campbell


Jeff Campbell is an American singer songwriter with a passion for performing. He loves travelling across the country with just his guitar to share his music with new people in new places. By performing in different venues all over the country, Jeff is able to directly connect with his audience and experience the effect his music has on people.

Jeff Campbell can best be described as a musical poet with a love for rock. After working a nine-to-five job for nearly a decade, he realized it was time to follow his heart and gave up his steady income for a career in music. Needless to say, this was the right choice and one he doesn’t regret to this day. This talented artist has shared the stage with musicians such as John Mayer, Counting Crows, The Grateful Dead and opened for the band Train. After winning the Guitar Center’s National Singer Songwriter Competition, an American competition with over 13.000 entrants, his song “In Spite of Everything” topped the iTunes rock EPs and singles charts. A performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show followed.

Jeff Campbell is not someone who creates as many songs as possible in the hope of going viral. His music is true to who he is and tells a story, with which he hopes to reach people and make a difference.  “The best music is so often about a story, about the feelings conveyed by what the writer/performer is saying and whether or not they mean it”. Listen to one of the songs on his album The Kitchen Sink, an album Jeff describes as his life’s work (so far). On this album he combines his love for unique melodies with irresistible riffs and meaningful lyrics.


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