Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BizMusiq?

Your partner in background music services.

The team behind BizMusiq?

Market leader Tribe of Noise: an online community of thousands of artists in charge of their own music.

Can we order customized music channels?

Yes, please check our BizMusiq+ page. Some of the BizMusiq+ options: (a) your own music program, a white label product designed to fit your brand (b) custom music zones with popular radio hits and/or rights-included music (no PRS/PPL) or (c) marketing and communication plug-ins designed for your company or brand. Interested to learn more? Please contact us.

What is the difference between BizMusiq and Spotify?

BizMusiq is a background music service designed specifically for commercial use. Spotify is built for consumers and - in most countries around the world - does not allow commercial use.

The BizMusiq player does not seem to work properly. What can I check myself?
  1. If our system tells you it doesn't recognise your IP address, try logging in again. 
  2. Your company's firewall might block access. Please contact us or ask your IT administrator to contact us.
  3. Not sure if your internet browser supports the BizMusiq service? Check the FAQ "which web browsers support the BizMusiq service?" Or you can update your browser. Most modern internet browsers support BizMusiq.
  4. You are not hearing any sound. Did you test the volume settings on your device? Can you play other online media files without audio issues? Open, for example, a YouTube music video in the same browser to test the audio.
  5. Does your internet browser block scripts (small notification icon in the address bar of the browser)? If so, change the settings of your browser and allow scripts for the BizMusiq service.
  6. It worked for a while but now it just doesn't work anymore? Clean your browser history, close your browser session and open a new one. Sometimes the magic happens.
  7. Giving up? No worries, we are here to help you. In case the BizMusiq service still does not work properly, please contact
Equipment needed to stream BizMusiq?
  • PC, Mac, laptop or tablet with a recent web browser version. Already using a professional internet radio? Please contact us.
  • Stable internet connection, preferably not wireless. Our basic music service uses 128 kbps (downstream). For custom services we can even arrange higher/lower bandwidth.
  • Audio cable connected on one side with the computer soundcard or headphone (mini jack) on a tablet, and on the other side with the sound system or powered speakers.
  • Sound system or powered speakers.
Can I use my own SONOS wireless HiFi?

Yes, in the SONOS app you can "add a music service", choose "Tribe of Noise" and click on "I already have an account". This will take you to a page with a drop down menu, choose BizMusiq, enter your BizMusiq login credentials an click CONNECT. You can return to your SONOS app and start using BizMusiq on SONOS. In case of any questions, please contact us.

Which web browsers support the BizMusiq service?
  1. Windows:
      1. Internet Explorer 9 or higher
      2. Chrome
      3. Firefox
      4. Opera
  2. Mac:
      1. Safari 6 or higher
      2. Chrome
      3. Firefox
      4. Opera
  3. Mobile:
      1. Chrome for Android
      2. Safari for iOS 6 or 7
Can I terminate my contracts with the national collecting societies?

Feel free to contact us so we can try to help you. In some cases you might want to terminate your contract but in other cases you might want to mix 'n match BizMusiq licenses in one zone and popular hit music (licensed by the collection societies) in another zone.

Can I broadcast both BizMusiq and national radio in my business?

Yes. As long as the music is played in separate (closed) zones / areas / rooms. For example a car dealership uses BizMusiq in the showroom while the car mechanics are listening to a national radio station in the workshop. In this case the licenses issued by the collecting societies will only apply to the workshop area, resulting in lower annual fees.

Can I also switch on the radio during opening hours?

No, not during trading hours. Although radio is a public broadcast you will have to obtain licenses from collection societies for playing music in public. In some cases, beneficial exceptions apply for private parties.

Can I play several BizMusiq music programs simultaneously?

Yes, but in this case you will need multiple licenses. With each license you will be able to play one music program at the time.

My question is not in the FAQ. Now what?

Don't worry. Just contact us and we will gladly answer your question.


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