The power of music

As a business owner, store manager or purchase director you are probably not contemplating the value of music on a daily basis. However, European research shows:
60% of customers who like music-in-store agree they would spend more time in a shop if they hear music they like.
78% of small retailers recommend that other retailers should play music to improve productivity and staff morale.
99% of staff who work in stores without music think that retail stores that play music tend to be more modern and appealing places to shop.

Next to these impressive numbers there is a very basic reason to use a professional background music service: remove in-store noises. Unpleasant sounds from shopping carts, air conditioning, customers etc.

Other studies conclude that although people think they shop longer while being exposed to famous music, they actually spend more time in-store when non-famous music is played.
One of the main reasons why BizMusiq also offers a certified, rights-included music service. Non-famous music but 100% ready to uplift the ambiance in your store(s).


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