onbekende muziek

Familiar music excites, unfamiliar music increases pleasure

Music has an impact on the atmosphere in your store. The presence of music influences the emotions and behavior of your customers. Music keeps people in your store longer, makes them spend more and keeps them coming back by improving their mood while shopping. A recent study (2014) focused on the differences between famous and […]

Music increases the perception of service quality

You read it right. A study investigating the effects of background music and scent in shopping centers found that certain music can increase customers’ experience with the service in a store. Especially music with a slow tempo has a positive effect on how customers experience their surroundings. Although the perception of service quality is mostly […]

Keep customers in your shop 10% longer

During a study investigating music in retail, people were exposed to famous and non-famous music while shopping. Afterwards the participants were asked if and what type of music made them shop longer. Although the participants thought – perception – they shopped longer when exposed to famous music, the results showed that non-famous music actually made […]