Our story

Over 10 year ago a group of Dutch entrepreneurs, lawyers and industry professionals launched a new type of music licensing company, Tribe of Noise. Their mission: offer independent musicians transparent and fair opportunities to gain exposure and make money.

Fast forward to today. Tribe of Noise facilitates more than 30,000 artists around the world and built their own innovative streaming music services for businesses like BizMusiq.

Why did thousands of business owners abandon Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and other consumer-centric services and sign up with BizMusiq and similar Tribe of Noise services? Simple. BizMusiq offers a legal and cost-effective alternative for music managed by performing & neighboring rights societies. Most consumer-centric services are illegal for commercial use. And besides the "business reasons" they like the fact that participating musicians get paid their fair share of revenue every month.

Our future is clear. We are committed to propel more musicians forward, grow our customer base, create the perfect ambiance for their customers and invite international partners to scale our beloved music business together.

Talking about creating the perfect ambiance.
Let us introduce you to Marko Roca, Head of Music at Tribe of Noise.


BizMusiq is rolling out internationally.
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