Meet Marko

Marko was born in Croatia, but started his career in Portugal where he moved in 1992. When he was 17, he was part of the first ever hip hop album made in Portugal for which he produced the beats to four different songs. After that, he became a major part of the DIY scene, a scene in which independent musicians handle the production, distribution and promotion of their music themselves. On top of that, Marko had a radio show on the local and national radio in Portugal. In 2001 he and a friend started their own music label called Loop:Recordings, one of the most successful independent labels in Portugal to this day. With a 20 year-strong career as an artist/DJ/producer/sound engineer and industry expert, Marko’s ongoing passion for music has paid off in a unique 360 degree understanding of the music scene.

So, how does Marko fit into our story? Well, all this experience makes him the right guy to create the rights-included and BizMusiq+ playlists for our channels. With his knowledge of the effect music has on people, he is best at choosing the right songs to set the right mood. A lot of thought goes into the lists and the experience that’s created for the listener. Considering everyone involved, he creates sets that are interesting enough to work in different settings. As Marko puts it himself: “My job is to listen to music in a context. When I listen to a song I know right away if it will work out and which list to add it to.” He injects new life into our channels every month, that way your staff and customers will be pleasantly surprised with a new sound every time.

With our growing community of over 30.000 artists from all over the world, Marko has an enormous selection of music to consider each month. But his passion for unknown music and the artists involved, makes the selection of new music a task he enjoys doing on a daily basis. Additionally, as our Head of Music, he also keeps in contact with the community of artists working with us. “The way you nurture your community, communicate with them, it all reflects on the music in the end.”